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How to Make Your Job Hunt Successful After COVID-19

With many countries officially entering a recession due to the COVID-19 crisis, the job market is affected as well. Millions of people have already lost their jobs in the UK alone. The competition for jobs will heat up during the recovery phase, as businesses re-open and new workers are needed and that means stepping up your game and making your next job hunt as effective as possible.

Here are some ways that you can increase your chance of getting a decent job after the COVID-19 crisis: 

Avoid The “Shotgun” Approach- many people submit to dozens of job openings each week, hoping that they get calls for at least a few interviews. By posting your resume everywhere, your presence will be indistinguishable. Hiring firms may drive your salary down and you won’t get anything worthwhile.

Be Knowledgeable- make a list of best companies in the area. Do your research on these companies and learn more about their potential jobs. Make yourself knowledgeable about the company and the offered job positions. Demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are a different kind of job seeker.

Focus On Specialisations- specialisations are always in high demand. As an example, instead of becoming a regular IT staffer, you should specialise as a data modeler, senior database administrator, digital security analyst or others. The highest-paid professionals are often the specialists who have extensive technical knowledge and field experience.

Consider Post-Pandemic Growth- each business or industry is affected differently by the COVID-19 crisis. Health care, agriculture, energy, and telecommunication are less affected by the recession. On the other hand, tourism and entertainment sectors will require more time to fully recover during the aftermath of the pandemic.

Continuously Improve Your CV- your CV should become your marketing tool, not just a bio. It’s tricky to write an effective CV and you need to provide just enough information to pique the interest of the hiring manager. If you are offering too much, you resume will quickly end up in the trash can. Be aware that a junior recruiter will screen your resume for certain keywords, the senior recruiter will check your background, experience and expertise, and the hiring manager will decide whether you are a perfect fit for the company. It is important to appeal to them all.

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