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Welcome to Madisons Engineering

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Welcome to Madisons Engineering our esteemed Engineering & Manufacturing recruitment agency, a beacon of expertise in the world of consultancy. With a laser focus on empowering our clients through unparalleled insights, we take pride in being industry leaders. Our core strength lies in our specialised approach, where we blend our profound understanding of engineering and manufacturing towards all of our clients across the UK. With a management team boasting over 20 years of collective experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye for talent to every engagement. Our mission is clear: to collaboratively transform challenges into opportunities, providing strategic solutions that resonate throughout the engineering and manufacturing sectors. Work with us in this journey of innovation, guided by experience, and let’s shape a future of excellence together.


Madisons Engineering

What We Do?

At our engineering and manufacturing recruitment agency, we specialsie in a comprehensive array of services tailored to meet the needs of both candidates and clients within these intricate industries. Our core commitment is to identify, connect, and cultivate/introduce talent that drives innovation and excellence.

Candidates – We serve as a guiding compass on their career journey, providing personalised support, and matching their unique skills and aspirations with the right opportunities. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to align candidates with positions that support with their expertise, while our guidance empowers them to make informed decisions that shape their professional path.

Clients – We offer a strategic partnership in talent acquisition. Leveraging our extensive network and understanding of the engineering and manufacturing sectors, we identify top-tier professionals who seamlessly integrate into your teams and contribute to your organisational growth. Our personal approach means we not only find suitable candidates but also provide insights on market trends and best practices, enhancing your recruitment process.

Whether it’s bridging the gap between talent and opportunity or elevating organisational success through exceptional hires, our agency stands as a reliable cornerstone in the realm of engineering and manufacturing recruitment.

Reasons to Choose Madisons Engineering

Why Choose Us?

Choose us as your engineering and manufacturing recruitment agency for unmatched industry expertise, a personalised approach, and a vast network. We offer a consultative partnership that prioritise quality over quantity, all while maintaining transparency and integrity. With a results-driven mindset, we’re dedicated to connecting top talent with exceptional opportunities, ensuring success for candidates and clients alike. Choose us for quality placements that engineer growth.


FMCG manufacturing produces everyday consumer products like food, beverages, toiletries, and household items. Our specialised team focuses on efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness. Innovation is crucial to introduce appealing products and packaging. FMCG manufacturing is vital for global economy and consumer convenience.


Our manufacturing team is incredibly varied, encompassing a wide range of industries such as, Food & Drink, Scientific, Pharmaceutical, Attire, Packaging, Construction & Aggregates, Timber, Technology, Furniture, Materials, Metals, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Print, Rubber, Textiles.

Oil & Gas

Recruiters are essential in the oil and gas industry. Madisons bring in talented individuals with specialised skills, from exploration to refining. Safety, sustainability, and innovation is crucial. The industry is changing, and recruiters are vital in connecting the right people with the right roles, shaping its future.


Our team of specialists have been successfully working with some of the top names in the industry, with experience of providing consultancy services to support our clients.


Our consultants have noticed big changes in recent years as consumer habits continues to grow towards online shopping with easy and simple access to online ordering. Our specialist distribution team assist major distributors across the globe by supporting their recruitment requirements in this rapidly growing sector.


Our job is to find talented individuals for roles like engineers, executive and professional’s, from designing aircrafts to exploring space. Matching the right candidates focusing on sustainability, technology, and innovation. Our work is vital in tackling exciting challenges like supersonic travel and space tourism and keeping the industry competitive.


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